body alchemy

body alchemy is a multi-dimensional process, but in short, it powerfully catalyzes the inner work that leads to your outer success in all areas of your life.  body alchemy is my approach to working with your personal energy system that allows you to transform and transmute your relationship to yourself and others, and to the experience of how you are living your life. 

I create a high-vibration space that acts as a bridge between where you are and where you want to be.  Using a variety of modalities which can include energy healing (hands-on or remote), deep coaching, meditation, energy exercises and practices, writing, movement and other healing techniques, we work together to clear, align and activate the energy in and around your body.  We heal the past, restore your presence and expand your capacity to infuse everything you do with the highest levels of energetic integrity.  My passion and commitment is to bring out the very best you can be – helping your life force flow easily through your body and soul, and out into the world, in a full expression of your creative power, your spiritual path, and your supremely unique genius.

I offer several options for one-on-one work, each of which addresses different levels of intention and investment.

All offerings are available for either in-person or remote work, although the creative partnership: a 3-month or 6-month immersion is usually some combination of the two.

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body alchemy offerings

tune up/tune in

Choose this session if you want or need an overall general clearing and balancing of your body’s energy.


Having the space and facilitated support to tap into your body’s deep need for rest and its innate healing mechanisms can allow you to tune into your life more fully.

tune up/tune in investment: $150 per session

(tune in/tune up sessions usually run between 45 and 60 minutes.)

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laser focus

This is the session for you if there is one particular aspect of your life that you’ve identified as in need of attention and transformation.


We will dive right in and assess your readiness for change around the aspect in question, and one of two things will happen during the session:

Either…you will begin the energetic shift necessary to create an impact in the identified area. Often, all that is needed is a focused energetic nudge (or push), and your wiser self steps forth with all the next steps.

Or…we will clarify what needs to happen before that shift can occur, and you will leave with support, guidance, and in some cases, energy practices to hasten forward movement in that aspect of life.

To be clear, when an issue or pattern is investigated with depth and love, you might find you don’t (yet) want to change, or that you are not (yet) willing to do what it takes to create a shift in energy and direction. Please know that this is normal and perfectly okay. Sometimes what’s needed to get things flowing again is permission to stop pushing so hard.

In either scenario, by the time the session completes, energy will be moving with regard to the subject of your original inquiry.

laser focus investment: $250 per session

(laser focus sessions usually run between 75-90 minutes.)

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full spectrum

full spectrum is best when what’s needed is to consider a wider range of ground than what we would do in a laser focus session. If you see yourself described in one (or more) of the scenarios below, this is the session to request.

~~ overwhelmed, scattered or confused ~~

You desire change across several areas of your life, but you are unsure where to put your attention next.


We will hone in on what’s ripe for release, ready to be received and/or raring to be realized.

~~ stuck, disconnected or questioning ~~

You have an overall sense of sluggishness, malaise or downright stagnation, and you’re in need of some spiritual inspiration and direction.


We will identify and peel away some of the layers that have kept your essence hidden, dimmed or burned out altogether, and in doing so, invite light back into your mind, body and soul.

~~ fearful, holding back or complacent ~~

You experience a gap between your day-to-day and your life dreams, and you want to feel more readily aligned with your values, purpose and mission in a consistent and sustained way.


We will use the session to take an overview of where in your life things are flowing and where they are bogged down to gain a better understanding of how you are directing (or not) your lifeforce energy. You will leave the session better equipped to make choices about the investment of your most precious resource.

full spectrum investment: $325 per session

(full spectrum sessions usually run up to 120 minutes.)

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deep dive: a day-long intensive

More info coming soon!

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creative partnership: a 3 to 6-month immersion

More info coming soon!

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