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body alchemy is a multi-dimensional process, but in short, it powerfully catalyzes the inner work that leads to your outer success in all areas of your life.  body alchemy is my approach to working with your personal energy system that allows you to transform and transmute your relationship to yourself and others, and to the experience of how you are living your life. 

I create a high-vibration space that acts as a bridge between where you are and where you want to be.  Using a variety of modalities which can include energy healing (hands-on or remote), deep coaching, meditation, energy exercises and practices, writing, movement and other healing techniques, we work together to clear, align and activate the energy in and around your body.  We heal the past, restore your presence and expand your capacity to infuse everything you do with the highest levels of energetic integrity.  My passion and commitment is to bring out the very best you can be – helping your life force flow easily through your body and soul, and out into the world, in a full expression of your creative power, your spiritual path, and your supremely unique genius.

I offer several options for one-on-one work (either in-person, remote or some combination of the two), each of which addresses different levels of intention and investment. Click here to schedule a complimentary conversation with me about how I might be of service to you.

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