the sun & the moon

be an alchemist

go within.

embody your power.

join with others.

create miracles.

how deep are you willing to go?

will you take a swan dive into the ocean of consciousness, letting it flood you with its purity of memory, presence and possibility?

in our work together, i will ...

... hold space as you venture forth into territory beyond where your consciousness has led you.

... be a loving and compassionate guide as you face the place where the depth and breadth of your shadow and the expanse of your light intersect.

... serve as a bridge...between where you are in the moment and where you want to be, between the manifest and unseen worlds, between duality and unity.

... trust in the wisdom of Spirit should we chose to carve a swath in a forest with which we are not wholly familiar, knowing that wherever we journey, it is a well-known path for the universe, even as it might be new and pristine to us.

... invite our energies to merge as we both become ingredients in the alchemy of co-creating miracles in service of a better planet.

this is my promise.

what's yours?

let's go...together.

(y)our liberation awaits.