organizational alchemy

How are you, as a visionary leader, creating a culture that allows your staff, leadership teams and partners to bring your organization’s vision and mission to life?

Even when you and the staff, internal leadership and stakeholders of your organization are engaged in meaningful work, it’s possible that you are not making as powerful an impact as you could be.   There may be challenges, obstacles or problems that seem to stand between you and your desired outcomes, but sometimes, the immediate presenting issue is not really the problem; the true matter lies several layers beneath the surface and can only be addressed if you’re willing to go a bit deeper.  And when we do, we may find that vital energy is being drained away due to inefficient systems, unintentionally oppressive physical environments, or challenging interpersonal dynamics – energy that would better be spent moving your organization’s work out into the world in the most powerful way possible. 

I take a holistic approach to organizational change which infuses the intuitive wisdom of a healing perspective into the practical aspects of organizational life.

The energy-based principles of body alchemy with individuals apply just as readily to the “body” of a collective entity. Our work together addresses the energetic infrastructure of your group, organization or business - the invisible layer undergirding all the technical operations, interpersonal relations, policies, practices, and the myriad other aspects that make up the whole of a collective which allow it to function optimally, or result in its dysfunction. Whether there are past obstacles you want to overcome, or future actions you want to put in motion, the key is to examine, understand and redirect the energy that lies underneath all that.

Our work together will ~ 

~ focus as much on the individuals who work within the organization as it does on the organization itself, as each person is a vital piece of how the spirit or vision of the organization gets expressed through its mission.   Your organization is a living organism, comprised of living parts in dynamic relationship to one another and to the organism as a whole.     

~ create a strong and healthy energy field and a robust energetic infrastructure that aligns with the organization’s mission, resulting in an overall energetic integrity that unifies the organization into a collective force far more potent than merely the sum of its parts. 

~ invest deeply in the organization and its agents in order to create the conditions for expanded individual and collective awareness on all levels, unleashing a powerful flow of energy to both nourish and sustain a healthy inner life for the organization and those in it, and maximizing the impact of the organization’s work in the world. 

Due to the simultaneous focus on micro and macro, inner and outer, seen and unseen, and individual and collective, outcomes result in permanent and long-lasting change.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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